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This is an ARTIST application only.  If you are a vendor click here to apply.


By tattoo shop owner/manager/artist/representative ("Exhibitor") submitting this application to participate at the Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo ("FGCTE"), Exhibitor is providing an electronic signature that Exhibitor has read, agrees to and accepts the following terms and conditions, rules/regulations/requirements/policies and to hold harmless, all as set forth below:


- Exhibitor fees are to be paid in advance of event.

- Exhibitor fee is $650 (USD) per 8'D X 10'W booth.

- Exhibitor agrees a minimum 50% deposit is required in order to hold each booth, with the balance being due no later than April 1, 2023. Alternatively, Exhibitor does have the ability to pay in full (both options provided below). Should these deposit/payment and/or balance requirements not be met, FGCTE may choose to terminate contract with Exhibitor, and release the booth(s) to others.

- Once payment in full is submitted, all sales are final.


- Three (3) complimentary weekend wristbands & Exhibitor lanyards;

- Up to five (5) additional weekend wristbands PER BOOTH may be purchased at check in for $20 each.  After five (5) weekend wristbands are purchased, the full weekend price of $40 each will be charged. This discounted price is ONLY available at check-in/set-up on Thursday.

- Two (2) 6’ tables (one skirted, one not skirted - but both plastic covered)

- Two (2) chairs;

- One (1) standard waste basket;

- Sharps container(s) - serviced by FGCTE

- Pipe and draped 8' x 10' booth (modification of booth size is not permitted);

- Electricity, however Exhibitor agrees to supply your own extension cords and power strips.



Exhibitor, or a representative from Exhibitor's shop, agrees to check in on Thursday, June 22nd from Noon - Midnight in order to receive credentials for entry into the event on Friday am, and throughout the weekend. There are no check-ins on Friday.



Set up will begin on Thursday, June 22nd at approximately 5pm - Midnight, and on Friday morning, June 23rd from 7:00am - 11:00am.  Exhibitors agree to be fully set-up, with all licensing info displayed by 11:00am, Friday, June 23rd, as that is when the Health Department will be on-site to begin event inspection.  In addition, the Health Department has informed us they will be on-site throughout the weekend ensuring compliance.  FGCTE has no control over local/state inspectors so please be in compliance. **FGCTE will be diligent in securing the event space nightly, however, FGCTE cannot be responsible for your merchandise, equipment, personal items. When in doubt, and where possible, take it with you and reset the next day.


- If Exhibitor is adjacent to an unaffiliated Exhibitor, and either Exhibitor wishes to remove side rails - BOTH Exhibitors will need to approve this modification.  If both Exhibitors do not agree, the side rails shall remain as originally set up.

-  Due to fire code requirements, Exhibitor agrees not to modify booth size (especially into isle ways).

-  Exhibitor agrees not to tape, nail, staple, puncture, paint, draw, sticker, or affix any materials to convention center property, either inside or outside of booth.  Exhibitor agrees that any damages to convention center space by Exhibitor will cause Exhibitor to reimburse the convention center or Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo for any/all damage repair/replacement/reconstruction.

- Exhibitor agrees to operate under all City/County/State laws and guidelines. FGCTE does not have control over local or state governments.

- If Exhibitor is sharing a booth, FGCTE reserves the right to approve ALL Exhibitors a minimum of 30 days prior to the show.

- Exhibitor agrees that all payments received by Exhibitors are non-refundable. However, if an emergency arises, Exhibitor agrees to notify FGCTE immediately. If FGCTE is able to resell the space, we will provide a refund.

- Due to sponsorships and exclusives, Exhibitor agrees that NO TATTOO SUPPLIES, TATTOO EQUIPMENT, TATTOO MACHINES or COLOR PIGMENT is to be displayed for sale to the public without prior agreement between FGCTE and Exhibitor.

- Exhibitor agrees not to tattoo or pierce any person under the age of 18.

- For EACH tattoo and/or piercing, Exhibitor agrees it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to have the client fill out the provided digital or paper release form with a copy of a valid picture I.D. attached.  This is a State of Florida Health Department requirement, and any Exhibitor failing to obtain and produce this paperwork will be asked to leave.

- Exhibitor agrees that all piercing Exhibitors will need to be PRE-APPROVED (well in advance) by FGCTE.  FGCTE has a limit of only three (3) piercers per show.  Therefore, Exhibitors should not assume they are licensed to pierce at the FGCTE without written approval by expo coordinator.

- Exhibitor agrees to keep their booth space(s) clean, set-up and staffed during ALL show hours (Friday 11am - 11pm, Saturday 11am - 11pm, and Sunday 11am - 6pm).

-  At the end of each night, Exhibitor agrees to properly bag contaminated waste for removal.

-  At conclusion of the event, Exhibitor agrees to ensure booth space is left the way it was found.  Free of trash, debris, personal items, and especially any tattooing product or materials. Failing to do so places Exhibitor responsible for any fees that may be charged by the venue for the clean-up. ​

- The Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo (FGCTE), and/or any and all FGCTE sponsors, as well as hold harmless Event & Trade Show Management, LLC,  The James Jr Fund, Caloosa Sound Convention Center, Luminary Hotel & Co., Autograph Collection, Mainsail Fort Myers, LLLP, City of Fort Myers, Lee County, FL, and all of the above listed’s employees/volunteers and vendors from any and all types of liability, accidents, fire, theft, or any loss.  If damage to convention center should occur, Exhibitor will be held responsible for the full amount of replacement/repair/reconstruction expenses. Exhibitor agrees to protect and keep harmless Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo (FGCTE), Event & Trade Show Management, LLC, The James Jr Fund, Caloosa Sound Convention Center, Luminary Hotel & Co., Autograph Collection, Mainsail Fort Myers, LLLP, City of Fort Myers, Lee County, FL, and all of the above listed’s employees/volunteers/sponsors/vendors from any and all claims for damages or suits which may arise from injury, loss, fire, damage, theft to property or person occurring before, during and after the event, or within the area occupied by the exhibitor.

- Exhibitor agrees that non-compliance of any of the above can or may result in Exhibitor's removal from the event, either prior to or during the event. 

-  Exhibitor agrees that removal of Exhibitors from the event, either prior to or during the event, is at the sole discretion of FGCTE, wherein all deposits and/or payments will be forfeited.

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Thanks for submitting! An invoice will be sent to the email you provided above so you can either make a 50% deposit, or pay in full for your booths.  Booths cannot be held without payment.

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