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** For those coming to the show: 

- There is plenty of parking surrounding the Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo - and starting at 5pm on Friday - running through Monday at     7am - metered parking is FREE of charge.

- See below for multi-towered parking garages, and or lots closest to the convention center. *Fees are current at the time of publication and could be subject to change - but we doubt it.

- In the event of inclement weather, you will only be steps away from being indoors.

- What's our point?  Plenty of parking!!

**Artists and Vendors:

- Let's work together and utilize the Denison Main Street Parking garage and leave the other areas for those coming to see us AND you!

- The Denison Main Street Parking Garage is only 2 blocks from the hotel & convention center, via Hendry St, which is a 5 minute or less walk.

2023 Florida GC Tattoo Expo_Parking Map.heic
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