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Tattoo Contest
Important Information

  1)  To ensure that your submission is evaluated accurately, kindly double-check that you have selected the appropriate contest category. Thank you.

  2)  Registration for ALL "HEALED" & "FRESH" categories will begin as soon as doors open on Friday. 

  3)  Registration will take place at the Tattoo Contest Registration Booth to the left of the main stage, and are $15 per entry.

  4)  You do not have to wait until the day the category will be judged to register.  In fact, the earlier - the better!

  5)  Tattoos may be entered into multiple categories for HEALED & FRESH as you determine appropriate.  However, please scroll down to FRESH contest guidelines after a tattoo receives a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place win.

  6)  If you are not present for judging, no refunds will be provided.

  7)  1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will be selected for most HEALED & FRESH category contests.  Only 1st Place will be provided for the following:  Tattoo of the Day, Best in Show, and Overall Male & Female categories.

  8)  SMALL & MEDIUM CONTESTS:  8"x8" or smaller. 

  9)  LARGE CONTESTS:  Over 8"x8" (you can breakdown a sleeve or leg piece and enter multiple categories).

10)  BLACK & GREY: - NO color at all.  No opaque greys.  No muted colors.  (Enter fusion and/or color categories in healed and/or fresh categories).

11)  BLACK & GREY COLOR FUSION:  Opaque greys and color permitted; any style.

12)  ORNAMENTAL:  Tribal/Geometric/Mandala/Dotwork; color permitted


A)  TATTOOS DONE AT THE SHOW ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HEALED CONTESTS, however, may be entered into the daily FRESH categories, Tattoo of the Day and Best in Show. 

B)  Healed contests are open to all attendees and artists who come to the show (whether actually tattooing at the show or not). 

C)  Attendees who wish to enter may do so with, or without, their artist present.



B)  Clients/artists may enter a category specific tattoo they get/do AT the show, regardless of the day it was done.  (Example - if a tattoo was done on Friday and the client cannot stay, they can return on Saturday or Sunday to enter.  This DOES NOT apply to Tattoo of the day contests (see below). 

C)  The tattoo must be completely finished upon entry, and can only win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the selected category ONE TIME over the weekend.  (i.e. - you enter a tattoo into the Fresh Ornamental contest on Saturday, and win 2nd place.  You are not eligible to enter that same tattoo into Fresh Ornamental on Sunday.  You can either enter a different category, or enter a completely different tattoo.)

D)  Tattoos should be clean!  Not bloody, or seeping.  Please have someone on standy for cleanups OTHER THAN YOUR ARTIST!  If your artist is obviously present, disqualification may be considered, without refund.


15)  TATTOO OF THE DAY:  Must have been started and finished AT THE SHOW/ ON THE SAME DAY for the daily contest you are entering.

16)  BEST IN SHOW:  Tattoo must have been started and finished AT THE SHOW anytime during the show (yes, even if it took 1, 2 or 3 days).  This is a separate category, with an entry fee of $15.

17)  The Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo is not responsible for any hurt feelings, or emotional distress if a tattoo does not place.  And, although many out there think that bigger is always better, that is not the case here!  Unless indicated by category parameters, judges DO NOT judge by size.  Judges consider category accuracy, composition, complexity, scale, cleanliness, creativity, and placement, etc.  Again - NOT size!

18)  Please scroll down for daily registration deadlines, judging times, and categories. 

By entering the tattoo contest at the Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo, you release the Florida Gulf Coast Tattoo Expo, and/or it's sponsors, emcees, and judges, from any and all legalities stemming from copyrighted tattoos, artwork, material or anything in regards to copyrighted tattoos, photographs, clothing or anything else deemed copyrighted or trademarked.

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Contest Categories




All Contest Entries are $15/Entry, Including Tattoo of the Day & Best in Show

HEALED ONLY Categories - 6pm


- Hand/Foot

- Head/Face/Neck

- Traditional

- Ornamental (Tribal/Geometric/Mandala/Dotwork; color permitted)

- Most Creative

FRESH ONLY Categories - 10pm

Attending Artists ONLY


- Color

- Black & Grey

- Tattoo of the Day

HEALED ONLY Categories - 1pm


- Lettering

- Asian Inspired

- Back/Chest

- Color (Large)

- Black & Grey (Large)

- B&G / Color Fusion (Opaques and color permitted; any style)

- Illustrative (New School/Neo-Traditional)

- Portrait

- Overall Male

- Over Female

FRESH ONLY Categories - 8pm

Attending Artists ONLY

- Color

- Black & Grey

- B&G / Color Fusion (Opaques and color permitted; any style)

- Ornamental (Tribal/Geometric/Mandala/Dotwork; color permitted)

- Tattoo of the Day

HEALED ONLY Categories - 1pm

- Anime

- Most Realistic

- Floral/Botanical

- Sleeve (Arm/Leg)

- Color (Small/Medium)

- Black & Grey (Small/Medium)

- Cover Up (Must Have Before Photo)

FRESH ONLY Categories - 4pm

Attending Artists ONLY


- Color

- Black & Grey

- B&G / Color Fusion (Opaques and color permitted; any style)

- Ornamental (Tribal/Geometric/Mandala/Dotwork; color permitted)

- Tattoo of the Day

- Best in Show

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